Why You Need to Trim a Mature Tree

It can be easy to forget about trimming a mature tree. After all, it’s been standing tall and proud for years — why mess with success?

As Sacramento’s professional tree removal company, we have seen firsthand how essential it is to have your mature trees trimmed regularly. Let’s go over a few key reasons why.

Reduce Risks

The biggest trees on your property are also the most likely to cause damage when they fall. If they don’t receive regular pruning, their branches can grow weak and unstable. Even a light storm can cause these limbs to snap and fall, leading to costly property damage or injuries.

With scheduled trimming, you can identify and address potential problems before they pose a safety risk.

Discourage Pest Infestations

Pests love to take up residence in trees, and a mature tree is a perfect target. Trimming can remove any dead or dying branches where termites and other insects like to nest. It can also help get rid of any existing infestations.

Minimize Inconvenience

Overgrown trees can cause numerous problems, such as blocking your view or interfering with power lines. Trimming your tree regularly keeps it from getting too big for its surroundings and causing unnecessary inconveniences.

Improve Your Tree’s Form

The perfectly-shaped trees you see in landscaping magazines didn’t get that way by accident. Trees grow freely without any intervention in their natural habitat, but that doesn’t mean they always look their best. Trimming influences a tree’s growth pattern and helps it maintain a more attractive form.

Encourage Healthier Growth

Trimming improves the health of trees by removing weak or dead branches that compete for resources. This practice allows trees to put their energy into developing a robust root system and lush foliage.

Some species also benefit from selective tree pruning, which helps them produce more flowers or fruit. If you’re interested in improving the yield of your fruit trees, consult a professional about the best time of year to trim them.

Create a Lush Landscape

A shade tree can prevent sunlight and rain from reaching the plants below them. This lack of exposure can make it difficult for other vegetation to grow and thrive. Trimming your mature tree opens up the canopy and allows sunlight and water to reach the ground below, promoting a healthier landscape.

The Right Time to Trim Your Tree

You can routinely trim dried or diseased branches from your tree at any time of year. However, it’s always better to wait just before spring starts to improve wound healing and closure. Some trees like oak and maple “bleed” sap if you cut them during the growing season, so it’s best to avoid trimming these species between late spring and early fall.

If you’re planning to do more extensive work on a single tree, such as crown thinning, always consult with a professional tree service first.

Partner with Fallen Leaf Tree Service

DIY trimming can endanger both you and your tree if not done correctly. For the best results, partner with a professional tree removal company like Fallen Leaf Tree Service. We have the experience and expertise to finish the job safely and efficiently.

We understand that every tree is different, so we take a tailored approach to every trimming project. Our team will work with you to create a custom plan that meets your tree’s specific needs and your landscaping goals. We strictly follow proper pruning practices like cutting outside the branch collar and using clean equipment.

We encourage you to read our blog and learn why it’s important to sterilize tools before tree pruning! Call Fallen Leaf Tree at 916-447-8733 to learn more about tree plantings, stump grinding, and mature tree removal.


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