Three Types of Trees in California to Consider for Your Property

As the number one provider of quality and cost-efficient tree care services in Sacramento, our licensed arborists answer many inquiries from residents and business owners about the best types of trees in California to plant on their property. The University of California, Berkeley publishes in The Jepson Manual that California is home to more than 4,600 plant and tree species, more than 2,000 of which are native and endemic to the state alone.

In this article, arborists from Sacramento’s tree service company will outline the common types of tree species that grow with no health problems in California weather. As droughts and heat waves occur more frequently, picking which imported or native tree to plant on your property will require more research.

The Australian Willow

The Australian willow is an imported tree species that enjoyed widespread adoption in many areas around Los Angeles and beyond. You can also find it in thousands of commercial and residential areas in Florida, Arizona, Southeast Texas, and Louisiana. The Australian willow matures fast and can reach 30 feet high in less than two years.

Our clients love the Australian willow because of its evergreen foliage, aesthetic properties, and resistance to adverse weather. They usually plant it along streets, patios, decks, and other public-facing structures because of its shade and ornamental contribution to a landscaping plan.

If you want trees that grow fast and provide shade from the hot California sun upon maturity, we recommend the following species:

  • Red maple
  • Reed avocado
  • Red Maple
  • White mulberry
  • Bracelet Honey Myrtle

The Australian willow might attract bees, but they feature high resistance against termites, fungi, and other pests.

Coast Live Oak

If you want native tree types for your residential or commercial property, you cannot go wrong with the coast live oak. You can find coast live oak trees from Baja to Mendocino County, although it prefers the topography and weather of the western central valleys of California. They are beautiful trees with dark green convex leaves that measure five centimeters long and three centimeters across, capable of providing shade to a wide area.

The coast live oak earns its namesake for thriving in summer and mild winter climates in communities close to the ocean. It is among the few types of trees in California with high resistance to aerial sea salt. Our arborists recommend the following native species that have the same survivability and low-maintenance properties as the coast life oak:

  • Desert willow
  • California buckeye
  • Black Mable
  • Desert willow
  • Western redbud

For first-time tree planters, we recommend planting a tree species native and endemic to California as they are low-maintenance and beautiful, allowing you to get the maximum payoff for limited upkeep.

Brisbane Box

The Brisbane Box is another evergreen import from Australia famous for its ability to weather extended droughts with no issue. It can reach a maximum height of 50 feet while growing around 30 inches annually. The canopy of a Brisbane Box typically stretches to 30 feet, which does not make it powerline-friendly, but it is deer- and salt-spray-resistant.

The Brisbane Box is present in many recognizable California institutions, like Cal Poly, Alice Keck Park, and Alameda Plazas, and areas where moist soils are rare. If you are looking for trees that can withstand droughts and dry spells without issue, our arborists recommend the following species:

  • California box elders
  • California juniper
  • California fan palm
  • Pine
  • Eucalyptus

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