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It’s finally sunset for the hot months; protecting your landscape with tree service is a year-round job.

California has experienced another blazing hot summer, stressing trees in forests and neighborhood statewide. Our most recent drought may be ‘over’, but the damage to our landscapes is still a concern.  It’s important to remain vigilant about the trees on our property, even as the rains return to our state. Disease, tree rot, and pests can still be a serious threat, and weakened trees can be a real danger to people and property alike.  There are important tree service options to consider as we close in on the winter. Being proactive about your trees can save you time and money in the long run!

Inspections are a valuable tree service!

As useful as it would be in the world of tree service, not everyone is an ISA-qualified arborist. That means there’s a lot of issues that our trees and gardens can experience, and we all may be none the wiser for it. Seemingly obvious issues to an arborist may just seem like part of the tree to a homeowner. This is why it’s important to get your trees a proper inspection, particularly if you suspect a problem.

An arborist will be able to identify diseases and pests you may be completely ignorant of. For a good example of how important this is, take the recent discovery of the Asian Citrus Psyllid in Roseville. This invasive pest is the potential vector for a lethal bacteria that kills all citrus trees it infects. There is no known cure. Florida has seen its citrus fields devastated by citrus greening disease, and the potential is there for the same to happen in California.

What is worse is that the insect was discovered in a residential backyard, where such things can quietly spread without notice until it is too late.

This is only one aspect of how an arborist inspection is such a valuable tree service to consider. However, pests and disease are not the only thing they can point out. Structural weaknesses and soil deficiencies may lead to complete tree failure in their own way. Identifying these problems early is the first step to solving them.

Cabling and bracing keeps your trees standing!

Trees fell in Sacramento during the early 2017 storms. Occasionally, it was obvious that the tree would fail. In other cases, seemingly healthy trees were blown over. They fell onto cars, homes, blocked streets, and in some cases cut power to whole neighborhoods.

Inspection can identify trees that are in danger of a serious failure, and from there that gives you a chance to make the appropriate response. A brace driven through a tree in danger of splitting in half could give it the extra stability it needs. Cabling can also keep a tree upright if its crown is weighted more to one side or the other. It’s important to catch these problems as early as possible. Once the winds are blowing and the rain is falling, it’s too late to do more except hope for the best.

If pruning isn’t enough, removing might be

Pruning is something that should be done on by professionals, especially on larger trees. As we close in on the winter, excessive pruning could be a serious problem later down the line. However, it’s an important aspect to tree service, particularly when it comes to dealing with certain diseases or with branch rot.

Not only that, but removing some branches could also fix stability issues with a tree. By reducing the overall crown, it’s possible to help keep a tree growing exactly the way you want. Anything that helps a tree become less of a threat to nearby homes or power lines is a good thing.

Sometimes, it sadly isn’t enough.

Tree removal is something that should be discussed with a fully qualified arborist. It can take years to properly replace an otherwise healthy tree that needs to be removed. However, sometimes there’s simply nothing you can do. Companies that offer full-spectrum tree service will also provide the ability to remove trees from a property. If safety is a concern for a home or a business, it’s best to call out an arborist in order to make the right call.

Winter is coming, make sure your landscape is ready!

It’s best not to risks with a landscape, whether it’s the one around your home or the one decorating your business. With the colder, wetter months coming our way, getting tree service done right is your best chance to be prepared.

If you’re looking to get your trees inspected, you can make an appointment with Fallen Leaf Tree Management today. With a comprehensive plant health care plan, we’ll be able to keep your trees and shrubs in good shape all year!

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