Top Six Things to Consider When Planting a Tree

There are many things to consider when planting a tree to ensure that it grows and stays healthy. Some factors to take into account are the location of the tree, the best time to plant, and which soil to use. Making sure your tree has the best environment from the beginning helps it stay strong and healthy.

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How Much Space Do You Have?

You will need to know how large your tree will grow and determine how far away from the other trees, house, fence, or other objects you want it. Knowing this will help prevent future issues such as overcrowding, roots uplifting sidewalks and other structures, or branches being too close to your home.

Consider the Number of Weeds Growing

Once you have determined the location and spacing of the new tree, you will need to weed the area. Weeds are responsible for taking all of your tree’s nutrients, therefore, destroying them.

Removing all the weeds before you plant your tree helps keep the tree healthy. To ensure the weeds do not grow back, you need to mulch at least two inches around the tree.

Consider the Best Soil to Use

Soil is one of the most critical things to consider when planting a tree. Different soil types have different amounts of nutrients and minerals. You should research the type of soil that will work best for the type of tree you have.

Remember that the soil should have plenty of air circulation and space for the water to drain. If there is an air pocket, the water will not reach your tree, potentially harming it.

Long Term Concerns

Remember not to plant trees too close to your house. As they begin to grow larger, they can cause issues in the long run for the integrity of your home, sidewalks, and lawn.

If there is a storm, your tree can become a hazard. There is the potential for branches and limbs to fall onto your home, fence, or driveway. If you keep your car or any essential equipment in your backyard or driveway, you should consider the debris that may fall from the branches.

The Best Time to Plant New Trees

When planting new trees, you need to consider when would be best for the health and success of your new tree. Spring and fall temperatures are ideal and will not require as much water. Newly planted trees have the greatest chance to flourish if planted in the early spring or fall.

Always keep in mind the type of tree you are planting. You’ll need to plant different species of trees at different times of the year.

How a New Tree Can Help Your Home

Trees are an investment, and not only for future generations. They can keep heating and cooling costs down too. Planting a tree where the sun hits your home the most can help keep your home cool, lowering energy costs.

Trees can help improve the overall look of your home by providing a beautiful new element to your yard. When you take the time to read over these things to consider when planting a tree, you will give your tree the best chance to grow and live a long life.

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