Top 10 Benefits of Planting Trees

We can summarize the benefits of planting trees into four primary categories and many sub-categories. Read on to find out why Fallen Leaf Tree, your Roseville professional tree service, encourages you to plant that sapling. 


Regulating Greenhouse Gases

Slowing climate change may be one of the top benefits of planting trees. Trees are adept at absorbing carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. They then store the CO2 and process it. This results in them releasing oxygen and is why they’re one of the most critical tools for humanity’s continued survival. The oxygen from just one tree can sustain up to four people. 

Cleaning the Air

Trees absorb many gases and contaminants in the air. Their leaves trap pollutants like ammonia and nitrogen oxides, purifying the air around them. 

Natural Cooling

Research shows that temperatures in Los Angeles are 6°F higher than they were half a century ago. One of the primary reasons is the lack of green spaces and trees in the city. Asphalt and other building materials absorb heat, making cities warmer than the surrounding rural areas. 

Trees combat this effect by releasing water and providing shade without absorbing as much heat. 

Wildlife Shelters

Trees may act as shelters and nutrient sources for insects, birds, and other wild animals. For example, Oak and Sycamore trees often provide homes for squirrels, bees, and birds. 

Renewable Energy Source

Unlike fossil fuels, trees can become a sustainable energy source. By burning lumber, we could reduce our reliance on coal and oil. The sustainable management of forests makes them particularly important in the search for environmentally friendly fuel. 

Soil Improvement

The roots of trees reduce soil erosion by holding the soil together. The shade of the trees and fallen leaves also protect the soil from water loss. Finally, the fallen leaves decay, releasing valuable nutrients into the ground. 

Economic Benefits

Reduced Cooling Costs

You’ll also soon notice the benefits of planting trees in terms of energy costs. Today environmentalists and architects work together to look for effective ways to reduce our power usage. 

A straightforward way is to place trees or “green roofs” strategically. Not only does this additional vegetation add a pop of color, but it also naturally ensures better temperature regulation within your home or apartment. 

Green roofs are also useful in winter as they act as a windbreak. 

Water Preservation

Trees prevent the sun from baking down on the earth, thus preventing the drying of the topsoil. While they require some water to survive, their respiration process releases more water than they use.

Trees also provide a useful way of breaking and filtering rainfall. In areas without greenery, there is nothing to stop water runoff. This places additional pressure on the stormwater systems and could lead to flooding. 

Trees absorb rainfall and then release water back into the air and earth. The excess water seeps into the ground rather than creating a deluge. 

Societal Benefits

Research shows that being in nature can reduce our overall stress levels. Spending time outdoors can be especially beneficial for children, improving their cognitive abilities. Seeing green spaces may also help those ailing or recovering from an illness. 

Communal Benefits

Trees provide the community with cool shade and a peaceful space. They can reduce the glare from oncoming traffic, absorb noise, act as windbreaks, and hide unpleasant views. 

Would You Like to Green Up Your Space? 

Would you like to experience the benefits of planting trees for yourself but are unsure where to start? Do you already have trees but wish they were in better shape? Would you like assistance with managing the trees on your property? 

Fallen Leaf Tree Management provides comprehensive tree planting services. Call us today at 916-447-8733!

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