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The summer heat can be harsh on trees, stressing them out and causing them to lose stability. These problems can however be carefully maintained to keep your trees healthy. 

To keep your trees healthy, some practices have to be in place and recommendations adhered to. 

Carmichael, CA, Tree Services shares some helpful tips to keep your trees healthy during the heat. 

How to Care for Your Trees During Summer 

1. Sufficient Watering

One way to save trees from the summer heat is to water them properly. Tree professionals recommend deep and less frequent watering. Paying attention to the tree roots will keep the roots deeper and firm. 

Additionally, watering the trees in the early hours of the morning will allow the soil to absorb the water while doing so when the sun is up will cause the water to evaporate almost immediately.

2. Mulching

Mulching protects the soil from direct sunlight, prevents weed growth and helps the soil retain moisture. Applying mulch also has to be properly done just like watering. Too much is just as bad as not enough. 

The mulch should be kept away from the root and stem of the tree. Typically, mulch should be applied in a circle just around the tree and about 4-8 cm away from the tree base. 

3. Fertilizing 

Trees need as many nutrients as they can get to remain healthy. Fertilization is therefore key to giving the tree stability and protection against pests and diseases that are prevalent during summer.

4. Aerating your Soil 

Compacted soil prevents water from getting to the roots of the trees. Checking the lawn for signs of compacted soil can save a tree from dying or withering. In this case, the best step to take is to aerate the soil. 

Aerating the soil will loosen the compact and give room for water to penetrate the soil.

Determining the right amount of water, mulch, and fertilizer, as well as detecting compacted soil may not be as easy as it seems. This is why expert arborists are required to maintain trees and keep them healthy. 

Work with the best tree maintenance company in Carmichael, CA

Fallen Leaf Tree has served the tree needs of residents of Carmichael and its environs for over 13 years. 

Led by Gabe Beeler, Fallen Leaf Tree ensures that every arborist on its team is certified and experienced and capable of serving all your tree needs. 

From tree care maintenance, tree preservation and plant health care to tree pruning and planning, Fallen Leaf Tree understands your tree’s unique needs.

Call Fallen Leaf Tree at 916-447-8733 or visit their websites for a free estimate. 

Fallen Leaf Tree Management

Expert Tree Care in the heart of Sacramento & surrounding areas with your satisfaction guaranteed. One of our Arborists can give you a comprehensive evaluation on all the trees and shrubs in your landscape and give you a scheduled maintenance plan. Call for an arborist consultation.



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