Certified Arborist Offers Tree Risk Assessments To The Sacramento, CA Area

Trees are just as susceptible to illnesses, diseases, and death as humans. They are living things that have systems that keep them healthy and growing, and if any event occurs to disrupt any of these systems, there are consequences that may not bode well for the tree.

Luckily, there are professionals whose job is to make sure that trees stay healthy and stay alive. They are known as arborists, and part of their job is performing what is known as a tree risk assessment. This is a series of checks that are performed to make sure that trees are safe. Tree owners have a legal obligation to do this regularly, especially if the trees are in high-risk areas like parks or schools.  

Benefits of Having a Tree Risk Assessment Done

It is not possible to have a tree that is 100% safe, but they can be monitored and potential issues fixed before they become a danger to human beings or properties. Here are some reasons why any tree owner should consider getting a tree risk assessment done:

  • Eliminating Trees That Can Be Risky For Other Plants

If there are any infected or infested trees around, the likelihood of them spreading the disease or pests to other healthy trees is high. Pests are usually attracted to dying trees, and they will not stop there, they will go ahead and infest other healthy ones around. Having a tree health assessment done can prevent this situation from festering.

  • Makes Selling Your Property Easier

One of the things that prospective buyers of houses look for is how well maintained the trees surrounding the property are. This sometimes gives an accurate indication of the kind of effort that the owners put into taking care of the property as a whole. Well-tended and healthy trees most likely point to a good maintenance culture.

  • Helps With Landscaping Plans

When planning the landscaping of a property, it is important to have a good idea of the health and safety of the trees around. It would be a waste of resources to plan a yard around a tree that ends up dying within the first year.

Finding The Perfect Certified Arborist For Tree Risk Assessment In Sacramento, CA

Fallen Leaf Tree Management is an amazing tree care service that offers tree risk assessment services in the Sacramento area of California. They are highly rated, licensed and insured. They offer competitive pricing, and have amazing customer support. 

Request a free estimate today, visit their official website to get started.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management

Expert Tree Care in the heart of Sacramento & surrounding areas with your satisfaction guaranteed. One of our Arborists can give you a comprehensive evaluation on all the trees and shrubs in your landscape and give you a scheduled maintenance plan. Call for an arborist consultation.



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